About Us

Our Roots

My first experience with moving was family oriented and I wanted to continue that model within my company. As an adolescent, I spent time assisting my grandfather help move others. Although, my grandfather did not work for a professional moving company, he had the work ethic of four men. Never turning down a moving opportunity, even when the compensation was just a sandwich and chips. He was determined to offer what he had and who he was to those in need. It was his work ethic that motivated me to work hard and want to help others. Now, I will use this platform to honor him by continuing to do the work he started; offering a helping hand to those in need.

In our family-oriented model, ATC makes it a priority to build personal relationships outside of work. This ensures that we are creating a network driven to change lives/help others. Due to the lack of consistency within our industry, we wanted to place an emphasis on the people we chose to add to our family. Focusing on those characteristics that support our vision of striving to provide top-notch quality service.

Meet the Owner


Mike Grant 


*Originally from California

*Graduated from UNLV as Student-Athlete

*Communication Studies Major

*Directly involved within community via parents, students & schools

*Enjoys spending time with family

What's Next?

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