Moving Reminders

Prior to your move...

Here is a checklist to keep in mind as you are preparing for your move!

-Begin packing most important items.  Moving can be stressful, therefore securing your most personal/important items first is vital.

-Empty out drawers, cabinets, China cabinets, any heavy item with valuable items inside.

-Try to keep the weight of the boxes under 50 lbs

-Room by room inventory. Create a spreadsheet of items from each room. Label the area the box will go at next location.

-Sell or donate the items you don't need.

-Purchase packing supplies from local moving store. If you are planning to move your furniture in a storage or pod invest in mattress covers, pads, boxes, etc as ours will only be used to protect during moves.

-Contact your TV, Internet & utility provider ahead of time. It is always great to stay prepared so give your providers a heads up so you can relocate comfortably.

-Disconnect & prepare any major appliances that we will be transporting.

-Relax & allow Around the Clock to assist you!


Thank you for your consideration!